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Toomas’ UrS4



  • K26/K27 #6 turbo
  • Block bored to 83mm
  • Toyota Supra 7M-GTE pistons, machined
  • BMW M50B20TU connecting rods
  • MC crank, machined
  • FMIC
  • RS2 exhaust manifold
  • 3″ turboback exhaust
  • Autobox to manual box conversion
  • Single mass flywheel with SRE clutch
  • RS4 MAF conversion
  • 440cc injectors
  • Uprated fuel pump
  • 2 bar at 3300 rpm in 3rd.
  • 250 km/h trap speed on One Mile Challenge
  • 380 hp at 55C IAT. 400hp and 600+ nm at 45C IAT. Realistic IAT is 20-30 degrees lower, so approx 450hp.



Kirill’s UrS6



  • 3071R / K26 #6 turbo
  • Fully balanced engine, but stock rods
  • Head ported
  • Uprated clutch
  • RS4 MAF conversion
  • Bosch 044 fuel pump
  • Siemens Deka 630cc injectors
  • 7A camshafts
  • Blitz FMIC
  • RS2 exhaust manifold
  • Modified inlet manifold
  • So far the car has run 12.6 1/4 mile with full interior, including climate control.
  • 441 PS and 574 NM on dyno


  • RS2 Hybrid turbo
  • Thick headgasket
  • 480cc Delphi injectors
  • Stock engine
  • A lot of suspension mods :)
  • The car was running some generic chips, and the result was 375 PS and 544 NM at 2 bar of boost.
  • After re-mapping the ECU, it made 392 PS and 577 NM at 1.8 bar boost on the same dyno. This also means lower IAT and EGT.

Richard’s Black RS2



  • Garrett 3071R turbo with 0.82 A/R hotside
  • Wagner Evo T3 manifold
  • Siemens Deka 560cc injectors
  • Bosch 040 fuel pump
  • Stock engine
  • 430 PS and 610 NM at the crank on the MRC dyno.

The Beginning

I decided it might be a good idea to start a blog, mainly for having a history of the various cars I’ve tuned.

It should be quite fitting to add the pic of three RS2′s I’ve tuned recently here :)