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Lost data

Hostgator managed to lose pretty much all of my data, that I’ve had on my account, accumulated since close to 10 years.

I am slowly restoring everything, but it will take me some time.

I quote:


This is a courtesy notification to let you know that the array of hard disks for /home on gator31 experienced a catastrophic failure earlier today. We are currently attempting to recover what data we can from the disk array. However, a successful recovery of any data is looking increasingly unlikely.

We have opted to restore accounts from our own backup system onto a new gator31 to restore service to as many customers as quickly as we can. However, our backup system does not contain a copy of your account due to the large amount of disk space that your account used. From section 7c of our TOS:

Any shared account using more than 20 gigs of disk space will be removed from our off site weekly backup with the exception of Databases continuing to be backed up.

If you have a current backup of your data, please let us know & upload it to your account as soon as you are able. We will restore that backup to restore service to your sites.

Let us know how you would like to proceed.

Best regards,

Brian L.
Linux Systems Administrator

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