prj tuning

He who stops being better stops being good.

All software and files are developed on the spot.
There are no middlemen and you are dealing directly with the tuner. Your car is tested and datalogged before and after, rather than receiving a canned tune, which often was made by someone without even seeing the car.
Due to this, we can provide not only tuning for standard cars, but precision live re-mapping for project cars as well as non-standard solutions.
Even for simple Stage 1 tunes you can make requests during the mapping process to tailor the map specifically to your car.

Some examples:

  • Generic mapping for many gasoline and diesel engined cars
  • DPF, EGR removal on Diesels
  • Intake manifold swirl flap removal, for example VAG 3.0/2.7 TDI
  • Custom dyno and on-road tuning for cars where the engine has been modified from standard
  • Removal of rear O2 sensors, and various other emissions components (SAI, EGR) on Gasoline engines
  • Immobilizer defeat for most vehicles (engine swaps and so on)
  • Custom code in the ECU with map switching using the cruise control stalk or pedals
  • Flat shift and launch control
  • Switchable maps for water injection
  • Switchable maps for LPG equipped cars to increase fuel economy and performance
  • etc…